DOT Compliance on Cyber Security for the ISPs

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In line with the DOT circular on 30-05-2011 and subsequent communications on the same by TRAI in different circles, Minimum Baseline Security Standard (MBSS) are to be maintained by the ISP/Telecom providers on yesterday basis. Extracts of the same mandate are enclosed below: • The Security objectives and the requisite controls to meet defined security… View Article

What is EDR and What are the benefits EDR?

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What is EDR Attackers can easily bypass prevention controls. That’s why detection and response capabilities are an important addition to a robust cyber security strategy to identify and stop attacks before serious damage is done. Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is an emerging technology that leverages tamper-resistant endpoint agents that capture and record core system… View Article

Importance of Risk Management

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What is risk?  A risk is defined by ISO/IEC Guide 73:2009 Risk management – vocabulary as “effect of uncertainty on objectives.” First it is necessary to define risk – “the combination of the probability of an event and its consequences.”2 ISO/IEC Guide 73 terminology hereafter shown in italics. There can be more than one consequence from… View Article

Security of Electronic-wallets

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An Electronic-wallet(e-wallet) is an electronic application that enables online e-commerce transactions like purchasing goods, paying utility bills, transferring money, booking flight etc. with a financial instrument (such as a credit card or a digital currency) using smart phones or computers. A plethora of these e-wallets are provided online for downloading through “apps” to support both… View Article

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

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Defending endpoints these days is no simple task. The number of endpoints in a network is always increasing and the threats targeting these devices seem to evolve every minute. With numerous vendors offering multiple solutions, organizations are left to figure out the best security provider to partner with for the most comprehensive endpoint security solution…. View Article

10 Critical Reasons for Opting ISO 9001 Certification

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When we discuss helping organizations get ISO 9001:2015 confirmation, individuals frequently ask us, “For what reason does our organization should be ISO 9001 guaranteed?” Good question. ISO 9001 is the quality administration system (QMS) standard and it delivers various advantages for any organization willing to go that course. Things being what they are, the reason should your organization obtain ISO… View Article

Importance of Patch Management in Network Security

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On the off chance that your business has any IT assets whatsoever and is associated with the Internet, it is anything but an issue of on the off chance that you will endure a security episode; it’s simply a question of when. Exactly how awful such an occurrence will be descends to your fix administration… View Article

Adoption of Cyber Immune System

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  The most common cyber-attacks tend to follow the same pattern: An employee receives a fraudulent email and unwittingly exploits a vulnerability upon opening a malicious attachment, exposing sensitive data. Of course, there are countless variations — an unknown vulnerability, encrypted or exfiltrated data, a malware-laden hyperlink — and each one could result in a… View Article

Why ISO is Important for Organizations?

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WHAT IS ISO? ISO was originated from the union of two organizations – the ISO (International Federation of the National Standardizing Associations) and the UNSCC (United Nations Standard Coordinating Committee). In 1946 over 25 countries met at the Institute of Civil Engineers in London to create a new international organization, where the objective was to… View Article

5 Key Reasons for SIEM based Security Monitoring

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Cyber attacks are growing rapidly with an estimated 70% of organizations reporting a successful cyberattack.  An amazing 70% go undetected. and when they are detected, the attack goes unnoticed for 8 months. This means that a hacker has plenty of time to steal your business information and you won’t even know until you receive a… View Article